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Clara, 16 Jan 2021


Clara, 16 Jan 2021

Where is our order?? 1 hour 40 minutes?

Emma, 16 Jan 2021

great service and food thank you

Stuart, 13 Jan 2021

Tried them once and have been hooked ever since- great noodles. :)

Amber, 13 Jan 2021

Always fresh and hot. Good if you love noodles like I do :)

Emily, 09 Jan 2021

Simply my go to place for chinese food! Excellent food and service everytime.

Nick Brown, 09 Jan 2021

Gorgeous fresh food

Katie, 15 Dec 2020

Only second best chineese in the world to golden gate and I know why , both are outstanding iv only rated it due to who was here first

Chleana, 12 Dec 2020

Delivery was far too long! 4 pound for delivery and still no food after nearly two hours!

Becki, 12 Dec 2020

A little disappointed with my food tonight I normally love the food but tonight was not as good as normal my dish was very dry not enough sauce also I normally love the chicken balls they are normally thinly battered but tonight they were covered in a thick batter not as nice sorry to give these comments but I just thought you would like to know

Tracey, 11 Dec 2020


Ju Tallent, 11 Dec 2020

Awesome as ever, it’s become a monthly treat for the family because it’s so universally loved and the choice is fantastic.

Jon, 10 Dec 2020

Best noodles in town

John, 10 Dec 2020

No expectations set when arrived on time to collect. Left waiting whilst people came and went. 45 minutes advised to collect. Waited a further 25 minutes. The lack of information was the largest frustration. Really poor!

John, 05 Dec 2020


David, 05 Dec 2020

Absolutely Fantastic food, every time

Heidi Lucy Thornhill , 03 Dec 2020

Great food

Matthew, 29 Nov 2020

Have ordered several times and has turned to our go to, however this last one, was not the best I ordered beef with peppers, beansprouts and and black pepper, the downside no peppers and got mushrooms instead, I know it's not a huge deal but I absolutely hate mushrooms. I'm guessing a busy night so easy to make mistakes, it won't put me off having again. Just a bit disappointed.

Chloe, 28 Nov 2020

I love wokstop but the delivery has always been dreadful... so much so that i eill no longer be ordering from here again

Olly, 28 Nov 2020

Food is great but the app doesn't work on android phones. Also when selecting your ingredients water chestnuts and baby sweetcorn are in the list but they are not selectable. :(

Jessica, 28 Nov 2020

I enjoy the choice.

Jules, 23 Nov 2020


Ryan, 22 Nov 2020

Excellent food as always

David, 19 Nov 2020

Just had order delivered it is more spicy than normal even though same sauce as normal and there is hardly any meat in my rice dish not as good as normal but still very nice

Alexis, 18 Nov 2020

My delivery cost is the same price as my meal, what is that all about? £6 for the sake of a couple miles drive us a disgrace!!!

Jack, 17 Nov 2020